Consultation for Structural Engineering

Large span structure, super high-rise structure, tensioned membrane structure, special structure and building foundation

BIAD has accumulated rich construction experiences and reserved a groups of excellent experts thorough our designs of super large and extra-complicated projects. We have research institutes of structural specialty. Our internal technical standard Technical Measures of Building Structure Specialty is an influential publication recognized by the industry.

We have splendid achievements in structural designs for super high-rise, large span and complicated buildings that can be compared with top global structural consulting firms. We are a leader in geotechnical survey, selection of structural system, structural optimization, wind resistant design and aseismic design, non-linear structure analysis, multi-field coupling analysis, aseismic analysis on continental scale, non-linear simulation of constructions, digital assembling, 3D structure BIM technology, utilization of underground space, geological hazard forecast, digital simulation of hydrology and geology in cities, structural realization of a smart city.