Architectural Design

Scheme consultation, preliminary design, construction drawing design, curtain wall design, fire control and safety design, and air defense works design:


Architectural design has been our core business since BIAD's establishment in 1965, and is a top professional brand in domestic architectural design. Through architectural design we have taken part in and witnessed nearly all major events in building the capital city of Beijing since the foundation of China. From the planning of Tian’anmen Square to Top Ten Buildings at the tenth anniversary of China, from the 11th Asian Games at the beginning of the reform and opening-up to the 23rd Olympic Games in the new millennium, we have left our foot steps and made professional achievements in the capital city. As we continuously accumulate knowledge in the course of construction, we have authoritative technical advantages in domestic architectural design field, and gather a full set of design talents. While we pay attentions to technical development, we also are concerned with the impact brought about by the society, culture and arts to buildings so that our buildings can truly satisfy the needs of the citizens' living in modern cities.


Architectural design is a profession covering a wide range of issues. While the society develops, architectural design is entering the stage of professionally detailed division of work. Architectural design can be divided into conceptual design, preliminary design, construction drawing design and designs for other stages. We can offer both systematic services for the whole course of architectural design, as well as consulting services for each of the stages as a project may need. As projects become more complicated nowadays, we offer more detailed services, including specific design for curtain wall, fire control & safety, air defense works, etc.