Consultation for M&E Designs

Water supply & drainage, HVAC, power supply & distribution, intelligent building and lighting design

BIAD has a lot of talented designers to make M&E designs, and many of them are celebrated experts in the field. We have accumulated a lot of experiences for designing large-scale comprehensive buildings and major government projects. While our business expands in the last years, more and more consulting services for mechanical and electrical designs are rendered. We have rich experiences in projects like government invested large underground space, transportation junctions, as well as comprehensive municipal pipelines and trenches attached with them. Our capacity to offer solutions for mechanical and electrical projects is on the top list among building design companies. We are an industrial leader for green building, energy planning, combined cooling/heating power, storm water control and utilization system construction with low side effect, power system reliability analysis for large complex or super high-rise buildings, and indoor lighting plan in functional areas. We also feature in mechanical and electrical system plan optimization, integrated mechanical and electrical design, and mechanical and electrical BIM system construction with full life cycle. Business scope: wind environment, storm water and flood control, pollutant expansion, and other simulated computation and analysis. Many cases are also available. In recent years, we have undertaken tens of mechanical and electrical consultation service projects for large-size complex, high-end hotels, and large commercial buildings. We have established favorable cooperation with more than ten property developers, including Vanke, Wanda, Shimao, and Poly, etc.